William Gilmour

In roles as diverse as Solutions Architect, CIO and Managing Director, in both public and private sector enterprises William has been pushing the boundaries of technology for over 20 years, exploring opportunities and managing the disruptive commercial impact of new generation IT capability.

William currently operates as a consulting CIO, providing strategic technology-enabled turnaround services for organisations and business critical programmes. He is currently working with an NHS client directing and launching a ground breaking digital solution for patient record sharing in the Midlands health economy.

Always searching for opportunities to explore and develop new commercial and technology territory, William has collaborated with Gerald to develop a vision for a global micropayments service for some time. And that time is now – “I believe that a truly seamless and universal micropayments solution is the missing link that will commercially liberate high value digital content and will enable the rapid evolution of next generation electronic publishing.”

Gerald O’Connell

Gerald has worked in senior management positions in BT, Cable & Wireless, News Corporation and British Aerospace, creating in-house start-ups and nurturing them into successful and pioneering new media businesses.

An original and insightful marketer and ‘ideas man’, his special ability has been to build commercial bridges between technology and markets.

In recent years he has divided his time between consultancy assignments, blogging at Oconnellomics, and his creative life as an artist.